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Fondant and Lace

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I am making my sister a small wedding cake and I am wanting to do a "lace print' and then finish with pearl shimmer dust. I saw once that a woman had used paper towels to create a patern so i was wondering if I used a real lace doilie to create a lace pattern how it would work out. Has anyone tried this? I do not have the option of using a mold or stamp at this time.

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I don't see why it wouldn't work, just place it on and roll with a pin, but i don't see it coming out as sharp as using a mold where excess fondant would puff up through the holes of a plastic mold rather than just transfer a light imprint with a doilie. 

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Thanks for the reply :) Im thinking it will work out just fine. I dont want it to stand out too much. I want it to look very soft and delicate. My mom has a lace curtain up in the closet that I think will work perfectly haha.


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