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Food truck

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I live is Alaska, on an island, so I am looking for a food truck as we got about 85,000 tourist a year. I will need to either have truck shipped via barge or come get it. If anyone knows of one for sale at a good price please emIl or fb me. Must have oven. Thank you
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check out the seattle or portland oregon market.



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If you are interested in joining the mobile food industry, check out Mobile Cuisine Magazine at http://mobile-cuisine.com

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Highly recommend Mobile Cuisine Magazine, no fluff and excellent information.



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theres one here in the portland area that is for sale Ican check it if you want?? I drive home by it every day...



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You can also take a look at azfoodtruckmanufacturers.com to get a quote from a bunch of food truck manufacturers.  

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old thread!

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