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mousse chocolate

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Hi! yesterday i made a delicious pierre hermes cake which asked for mousse chocolat. I had to throw away some ingredients until i had prepared a nice mousse. The recipe called for melted chocolate cooled  to 45 C, then folding in a little whipped cream, then the remaining and at the end the bombe. However i tried twice this way and the chocolate-whipped cream mixture solidified.

Finally i decided to make it in another way, mixing bombe with chocolate and then folding in the cream.

The result was delicious but i couldnt understand why the first way failed while everyone calls for mixing some whipped cream with 45-50 C melted chocolate and then folding the bombe. I used a large bowl for mixing chocolate with whipped cream and thats may be the mistake. I also suspect that whipped cream should not be very cold when its being folded and mine was at 15 C (maybe needs to be room temperature)


ingredients (170gr chocolate , 250ml whipped cream ,bombe with 2eggs+1yolk)

Could anyone tell me what went wrong. Thanks a lot!

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I think your procedure was wrong. Cook your eggs and sugar in a bain marie until ribbons form, then pour this over your chocolate so that it melts like ganache and whisk it in, then fold in whipped cream.

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thats what i did and the mousse became fine. I just cant find out what went wrong with the other method which a lot of chefs suggest and of course pierre herme whose recipe i made...

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Maybe you somehow tempered your chocolate so that once you added cold cream it solidified. Do what works if you ask me. I can't imagine how that would work in the first place, The chocolate needs a dispersant, something to reduce its particle size and separate its molecules so that it won't form a giant solid mass once cold cream goes in, in this case the eggs and bombe. Much like cornstarch needs to be dispersed in water to separate its molecules going into a hot liquid and not forming clumps.


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A little bit of cream is mixed with the chocolate to bring down the temperature of the chocolate.  But as you found out for yourself this is not always necessary. (Its easier to see in some recipes - warm chocolate added to warm bombe, to which whipped cream is added can cause the whipped cream to become liquid - thereby making the moose runny) 

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