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Cake rise

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I like to bake cakes but I can't get the height I need for my three inch pans? Is the only way to get the height is to add more batter? I sell cakes in my spare time but most of my customers want the high rise cakes.Need to find a way to do this without having to make doubling the recipe I feel I am losing money doing this.

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whip more air into the sugar and eggs

add egg whites

more baking powder

don't bake cakes on a Cuban sandwich press

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So much of it has to do with your recipe. Some recipes are just predestined to produce lighter, higher cakes. So I'd look for a recipe like that. Also, your technique is important; the manner in which you incorporate your wet and dry ingredients, how you whip your egg foam (if that's what your recipe calls for), etc.


Keep looking and asking - the Internet is full of information from experienced contributors. A video search is a great way to get lessons on the finer points of baking.

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