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Sushi problems. ( Pics inside)

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    I have tried 5 times making sushi now and I can make a regular maki roll just fine (Seaweed on the outside and rice/ingredients inside) but I can't for the life of me roll a reverse maki roll (Rice outside, seaweed ingredients inside.).
    I have the mat, the nori which I tried with half a nori sheet and with a full one, I have tried little or lots of rice, I leave a 1/4 of an inch on the nori without rice to close the roll but it does not close. I have tried to wet that 1/4 inch of nori with water or rice vinegar but still no luck. There is always a portion of the roll that has no rice when I am done rolling.
    I have googled lots of websites and watched several videos on youtube but I fail making my ura maki rolls (Reverse roll).
    Does anybody have a clue?
    Again I can roll a regular roll, jeez that is easy actually, but the rice outside is a disaster. I know how to cook the rice also.
    I join a pic of my mess.

    Thanks a lot



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Ya know, that looks kinda like how my kappa maki (cucumber sushi), but yours looks allot more yummy!!

I've eaten all kinds of sushi my entire life, but never hade to make my own, until now.  Having stumbled myself, you have prompt me to search my cookbooks.  I found Easy Sushi by Emi Kazuko.  I too have hunted YouTube, but I feel a bit more empowered with a book in front of me.

(By the way, I LOVE those trays!!  Where did you get them?)


from a poor home sick girl from hawaii....

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I haven't done reversed rice but when the Japanese chef's do it they add a little rice at the end, and they really push hard on the bamboo roller just before they open it.

I love my job
I love my job
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Are you wrapping your bamboo mat with plastic wrap?  You should be.

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Yes I got quite a few books too, they mostly help me in cooking the rice and presentation, I get a lot of ideas from them but as far as rolling I usually watch videos online or put my hands on it and try to do it. I got the trays about 2 years ago at a Kroger grocery store, they were on sale so I grabbed a few. I also understand you being homesick, I am from Europe and get homesick every so often.

Thanks I will keep on trying.



Well I actually saw that trick yesterday on a new site I found and that is one trick I am going to try next time I make them, that could be the key.

Here is the link to a wonderful site for anybody wanting to learn about making sushi.The link below shows a reverse roll being made with the extra rice gareth is talking about.

Thanks Gareth




Actually the first time I rolled sushi, I used plastic around my bamboo mat and it got so sticky that I do without any now. Maybe I should try that again. I wonder if you are supposed to replace the plastic after a few suhi rolls I made, probably yes I would guess.

Thanks for the tip


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You'll definitely want the plastic wrap, you can get away without for some rolls but not a California roll.  As for your rice sticking--Are you using seasoned vinegar?  You can't be too liberal with the stuff but can be applied tactically to deter sticking in places where you don't want it.  I usually dip my fingers in it a few times while I'm rolling to keep the rice off.

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Thanks for the extra tips.



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Just another tip, every thing is razor sharp and super clean, any residual and you have problems

I love my job
I love my job
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I've been teaching sushi making since 1981 so I can give a little advice:

I have replaced my bamboo mats with silicon sheet for 10 years and there are also

plastic sushi mat available.

Usually my novice students manage to do the reverse sushi after 2nd try.

The way I use in teaching:

1.  Get a large sheet of plastic wrap, 14x14" on sushi mat

2.  Spread 1 cup of prepared sushi rice into 10x10 square

3.  Place 2/3 sheet of nori on rice, place avacado, crab sticks, and Japanese mayo on filling

4.  Roll up tight, make sure not to jam the plastic wrap into rice

5.   Unroll sushi on the same plastic wrap, sprinkle with toasted black & white goma, tobiko etc, gentle press into rice

5.  Cut sushi into pieces inside the plastic wrap, then peel it off, done deal

Good luck!

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Chef Clarence, when you say a silicon mat, you mean the silpat type of mat, correct?

That sounds brilliant!!  I'm going to take your advice and try it.

Having lived in Hawaii my entire life, I never had to make my own sushi, it was so inexpensive there.

Now, I'm learning.

I tried to make Kappa Maki (our fav) and it was very lop sided.

Thank you.

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