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Drawing the line

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Steve,  Thanks for this Q&A!


Is there any kind of meat you WOULDN'T grill of barbeque.  I'll grill almost anything, but I draw the line at:


for beef -- filet mignon, shank or any prime-grade meat


for pork -- skin, feet and pork belly (but I don't know why otehr than the fact that I've never done that)


all meaty animals -- innards.


Where would you suggest the lines be drawn?

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Hey, Brian... I'm surprised that a chef like yourself would put so many constraints on his grilling! Am not sure, for example, why you would not grill filet mignon or "any prime-grade meat". Shanks wouldn't respond well to direct grilling, but they are amazing when smoked and then braised indirectly. I understand your concerns RE pork--you say you've never done skin, feet, or pork belly. But I assure you, other people (including me) have...and with great results. You say no innards, yet in some cultures, grilled offal is prized. I'm thinking of the kokoretsi popular in Greece. These lines that you have drawn...and forgive me for saying this...seem to be personal ones. We all have our "ick" factors, and I'm not suggesting you cross your own lines. We define those lines for ourselves. Am still testing my own limits. 

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Hi Steve, thanks for the thoughts.  You're right -- I am probably limiting myself too much.  For me grilling, outdoors at least, is not my first love nor is it my first choice when I have an option of cooking methods.


OK... let me admit it more directly:  I limit myself too much with regard to grilling.  For good or bad, I have an orientation toward classic French techniques.  I need to work past my self-imposed limitiations, expand my horizons, and test my limits you said.  Thanks for the inpiring thoughts!

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p.s.  I'm not as "well rounded" as the tag "former chef" implies.  And I probably wasn't as good as I should have, or could have, been.  Most of my focus has been in pastry.  I try hard, though, in other culinary areas and appreciate this opportunity to Q&A with you since it certainly inspires me to grow.  Who knows, maybe someday I can leave my "day job" and return to the culinary world.  smile.gif

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The culinary world's certainly a wonderful and vibrant place to be; I respect anyone who has pastry skills... Hope the path takes you where you want to go.

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... and just to indicate my sincerity...


My wife brought home some rib-eye steaks (not quite prime quality but very nice looking) and I'll be grilling them outdoors rather than firing up the broiler.  Thanks again for your inspiration and insights!

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Sounds like a plan! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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