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Wood Chips

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Hey, howzit goin'?

I cook on a gas grill, but like to get that wood smoke flavor into the food.

I have wrapped wood  chips in foil & set them on the burners & that  worked  OK.

But, do you have any suggestions as to how to achieve a more robust smoke flavo?

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It's going well, thank-you, Chef B. I designed special "smoker pouches" that have a V-shaped foil bottom and fit between the flavorizer bars (a feature on most Webers; don't know what kind of grill you have). I have also read about a device called a Smoke Daddy, but have never used one. You might investigate them if you do a lot of smoking.

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An alternative that I use, especially if I want a smoke flavored side but not necessarily the main, are Cameron's smoker bags.  These have flavored wood chips inside and you can seal the dish in the bag a put it on the grill or open fire to cook.  Things come out juicy and tasty with the easy alternative.  As a side note they can be used inside in the over as well.  We have used them for fish, vegetables, and other items with great success.



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Great idea, yogiwan. I used their indoor smoker extensively when writing Indoor Grilling, but have never used their bags.

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