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Crazy Guy I Am

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Mr. Steven Raichlen, I cannot believe I could be communicating with you. Having watched all you shows. WOW!


Of course, you may tell me that I am totally crazy for doing things this way.


Basically, for most of my BBQs, I would start out first sous vide cook the meats at low temperature, to completely cook, season, tenderize the meats, then have them go on the grill to be BBQed quickly for that BBQ finish and flavor.


I have found that doing things this way I can guarantee to have the meats cooked at the precise temperature without overcooking or undercooking, 100% perfect. I can have the meats tenderized to the degree I like, I can work with the toughest cut of meats, and I can have the flavors deeply infused into the meats.


I would love to have you comment on the few I have done, pork, lamb, beef and ribs.


Thank you for your attention. I am very excited.





Roasted Pork





Rack Of Lamb





Strip Steak




Spare Ribs



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There's food porn...and then there's FOOD PORN. And I think you know which category your photos fall into, dcarch. They are intriguing on many levels. First of all, it looks as if your meats are cooked perfectly--as you said--but with good caramelization on the outside. Secondly, I have never seen handles such as the ones on your lamb chops and ribs. Did you have those made especially for you? And your strip steak boasts incredibly fanciful grill marks. Do you do your own photography and styling as well?


You have obviously been successful in marrying the advantages of sous vide with live fire cooking. I presume you are a professional chef working in a professional setting. I have seen sous vide set-ups for home use, but they are prohibitively expensive and have too big of a footprint for most private kitchens.


Anyway, bravo! I wish I could be a guest at your table.

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Steven, I am so overwhelmed by your wonderful complements. I think I am going to print out what you said and hang it right in front of my grill!


I am running to a, yes, BBQ party, so I will just take the time to comment on one thing.


I of course enjoy grilling, BBQing, roasting, etc. because of the outdoor environment and the informality of finger foods.


However, it occurred to me that that would be too limiting, there is no reason why BBQ ribs cannot be a sit-down formal affair as well.


Thank you again. What a nice way to start my long weekend. :-)



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Have a great weekend. We will likely be barbecuing, too. Have been overseas for three weeks, though, so a trip to the grocery store is in order.

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