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Kansas City

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When are you coming  to Kansas City?  Has anyone approached you apbout appearing at the American Royal?


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KC's not on the schedule so far, BBQ Boy, but it's certainly one of my favorite barbecue cities. I am always interested in the American Royal and wish I had more time to follow the competition barbecue circuit. Are you going to be a competitor?

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I am a Master Juudge, as well as a competitor.  Last year I served as an ambassador for the American Royal.  When we lost Primal Grill, here in KC, I put a bit of pressure on our Public Television station to get it back, and we got the results we wanted.  Although, we still need Barbecue University back! 


I had worked with our Public Television station on trying to get you in for the American Royal, and the last I heard, the Television Station and the American Royal were talking about how to make it happen.  I know there is no bigger fan of your than what I am, and if this happens, I'd sure like to be part of your setup.  If there is anything that I can do to get you to Kansas City (and see you when you are here) please let me know.


Thanks for doing the forum, and thanks for presenting BBQ so that everyone at every level can enjoy it and learn from your experiences!  You are Awesome!

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Your efforts to restore "Primal Grill" to the airways in Kansas City are much appreciated, BBQ Boy! We had a terrific carriage rate for Season 3 of the show ("carriage rate" refers to the number of PBS/APT stations that air the show); something like 94 per cent, which is considered extraordinarily high in the industry. Am hoping we can manage to get Season 4 "in the can", as they say. But it cannot be done without the backing of sponsors. We are not even allowed to display their logos on the show, which doesn't give advertisers as much "bang for the buck" as they could get on a commercial TV station. 


Thank you, too, for suggesting that I appear at the American Royal, and for your offer of help on the ground. To be honest, a family member's health has thrown some uncertainty into my schedule this summer, and it's difficult for me to make firm commitments until more is known. 

But again, thank you. 

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