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Thank You for This Opportunity

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Our time together on ChefTalk is growing short.


I want to say "thank you" to everyone who took the time to participate in this 4-day Q & A session. It was very rewarding for me.

Your questions, comments, tips, and insights were extraordinarily thoughtful, insightful, and articulate. Don't be surprised if I appropriate some of the ideas in the threads for my monthly online newsletter, Up in Smoke (see 


Thanks, too, to the moderators, particularly Nick Sahlas, our primary contact, and to Sarah Goodwin of the Companion Group, who coordinated schedules and details with her usual professionalism.


Many identified yourselves as long-time fans of my shows and/or books, and for that, I am humbly grateful. If you later think of a question you forgot to ask during this ChefTalk session, feel free to e-mail me through my website,



JUST A REMINDER: The 20 per cent discount being offered on my Best of Barbecue line of tools, fuels, books, sauces, and rubs (including just-released Planet Barbecue grilling pastes and rubs) expires tomorrow, May 30. See details above. I hope you can take advantage of it!



Again, thank you to all.




Steven Raichlen

May 29, 2011



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And a big thanks to you for coming down and sharing with us. :)

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Well, Kuan, since you're in Minnesota and I'm in Miami, Florida, it was more like coming "up"! If you're a year-round griller, I bow down to you.

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It was marvelous to have you here.


 Your account doesn't expire, you know, so you are welcome to join us any time.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Steven it was wonderful to have you here and thank you for spending time with us!  I am sorry I could not have participated more.... your visit happened to also be on the weekend my older one turned 18 so it was a big birthday and also a very special one as he is a pediatric brain tumor survivor.    And add a new job for me into the mix and well  you can imagine the chaos that is life at my house!



Please when you have time stop in and say hi



arlene in canada

OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
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Great, Phatch! I thought perhaps my "key" to ChefTalk was a temporary issue... Thanks for your input. You personally added a lot to the discussion.





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@ Leeniak: Pretty tough to compete with the events you described. (You must be so happy for your son. Can't imagine what you've been through.) If you have any questions, you can e-mail me through my website (, or through my assistant, Nancy Loseke. (  Am traveling so much in the next few weeks--in and out of e-mail touch--and going through her is the easiest route.  Please identify yourself as a ChefTalk member in your e-mail and you'll get high priority treatment!

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    Steven, thank you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to spend with us.  I have always enjoyed watching you on television and my respect for you has grown after reading the thoughtful responses you wrote here, at ChefTalk.


  I tip my tongs to you Steven, Thanks!



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Dan, can't imagine a better salute than a "tip of the tongs"! Thank you so much. I honestly didn't know what to expect here, but feel I was the major beneficiary at the end of 4 days. What a great forum ChefTalk is!

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