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Lye in Baking

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Need some help in the use and comparison of Lye, I realize that Red Devil seems to be the Lye of choice, how ever with the over reaction of big Brother, and certain Agencies it is almost impossible to buy.


Now I did find a Lye here locally, sorry i can't remember the name and it is a course grind vs., the powder grind of Red Devil, I have read about checking some of the Hobby soap making stores but I would like to stay with the Red Devil brand if possible.


Yes I have tried the baking soda remedy but the intensity of flavors lacking as well as that deep rich color you get when baked.


The other problem I don't want to have to buy 5 lbs and up, I am just trying to get enough to get through the first month or two to see if the demand is there.


Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you

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Lotta cheap sources of food grade lye online.


Also look at this


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