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Anyone seen this? Apparently it's a 6 part documentary about some Australian macaron tycoon, from this Feb.

Trying to find some episodes.

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Watched episode 2. It's not a bad show. It's kinda like Ace of Cakes and those types of shows, but less gimmicky (Well, his pastry is a little gimmicky). The show had some good shots of production in the kitchen, and of course there was some reality show drama thrown in by the editors. I mean who would ever launch a new 7 item product line in only 48 hours with out having any ideas already.


Learned a new technique:


He put a strip of pate sable on a raw choux dough prior to baking. Gives it a crispy top kinda like the paste you put on top of mexican sweet breads. Too bad he dyed it green and used it in a pastry monstrosity: Wasabi Pea Eclair. eek.gif


Also: Pretty pastries plus pretty models equals win.


All and all, it's a decent and light half and hour of tv. I'm going to track down the other 5 eps.

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