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i have bought many nice knives, but i just cant seem to get  them as sharp as when i bought them, help! i own a edge pro but i dont think it it is getting the results that i want

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This page has some excellent sharpening-for-beginners videos:


Here's the first one in the series:


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An Edge Pro should allow you to achieve better than OOTB edges without too steep a learning curve.


I'm not really an EP guy, but why don't you talk about your experiences with yours? Describe your knives, your "stone" selection, how you prep your stones (or tapes), what angles you use, what pressure, and anything else you can think of.  We'll see if we can't break it down and figure out wotthehell.  It can be difficult to diagnose sharpening problems sometimes, but once you do the solutions are usually fairly simple. 


Also, you may want to try a forum where there are more than a few experienced EP users.  I suggest Fred's Cutlery Forum over at Foodie Forums.  The Knife Forum has a lot of knowledgeable guys, but it can get more than a little weird there sometimes. 


In the meantime, if you're looking for an introduction to free-handing, you could certainly do worse than Mark's videos.



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i was out of town for a long while and away from my compter so i did not see the responends thank you all, i think my expectations were a bit to high, for the shuns and the other lower end knifes i have. the konosuke, the devin thomus and the takeda  i own sharpen like a charm with the ep. the konasuke i have is thanks to BDLs review and one of the best knifes i have ever used up until this point.i have been cooking for over 25 years and buying japanese chef knives has given me a new reason to go to work each day.BDL  thank you so much foryour great insight in the cutting world! i try to read all of your posts.mark at cktg is my new best friend and he do's have some great vidios also. thank you every one for your help 

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