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Messermeister Asian Style Slicers

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I'm in the market for a moderately priced 10 " slicer that would mostly be used on corned beef or a pork shoulder a couple of times a week at most for home use.  I noticed that Messermeister's Asian Precision yanagiba and their Bamboo Mu line are available clearanced priced around $60.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these two?  I have also  been considering Forschner 12" ,or spending a bit more for Fujiwara 270 carbon or even  a carbon Sab.  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks

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I'd avoid the inexpensive single bevel "clone" types. A proper single bevel knife such as a yanagiba, usuba, or deba is not easily copied and even more importantly takes a fair amount of skill in use and maintenance.

What have you been using that you find inadequate now, or are you just jonesing for a new knife?

For as little as you intend to use it, a Forschner would serve you fine. A Fujiwara FKH (carbon) might put a bigger smile on your face, but it'll definitely cost more, about $80-90.
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Thanks for the reply Potato42.

  What I'm using for a slicer now is an old 8" Swibo bread knife I reground and sharpened to about 20 degrees.  I know a Forschner would be ok for my stated purpose, but a pointy type of slicer or suji might be useful (read fun) for some other purposes as well. I sometimes use that Swibo like other people would use a petty. Guess I should just make some calls to retailers and ask them about the Mu steel characteristics.


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Honestly I doubt many retailers know much about the Mu steel characteristics. The thing that concerns me is the Messermeister knives you mentioned have little in common with a real single bevel knife. Even if the steel were ok, the rest of the design is lacking. A yanagiba is designed for cutting fish anyway, and while it can sometimes be used for other tasks, it is a very specialized knife. A true yanagi has hard enough steel to be damaged by hard crust often found on slow cooked meats and BBQ. I've been guilty of damaging mine that way wink.gif

For your stated needs, a double bevel slicer or sujihiki would be much more suitable. it will sharpen up just like any other double bevel knife, and you shouldn't have to worry about damaging the edge in regular use. The Fujiwara FKH takes on a wonderful patina when slicing meats, so I think it would be a fine choice. The 270mm (almost 11") Fujiwara FKH sujihiki is $82 shipped from chefs knives to go.

Korin also has their summer 15% off sale going on right now, so there are deals to be had there. Honestly within this price range you wont find much, but now is a good time to buy.

If you're interested in more detail or other recommendations let me know.
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