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Basic foam sauce

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Hi chefs,

I want to learn how to make a basic foam sauce, appreciate your sharing?


Thanks and good days....

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What kind of foam sauce are you looking for? Need more parameters to give you useful information. Way too many divergent options.

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A white seafood foam sauce and a pink lobster bisque foam sauce. Do i need any special gadget?

Thanks you.

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1) Add some agar or gelatin to your sauce base. Strain through fine sieve. Use a whip cream whipper to foam it as needed.

2) Add some lecithin to the sauce base. Beat it with a mixer or blender. Skim off the foam to use as a sauce.

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Thanks you very much.

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Thanks thethincook, may I know why have to use gelatine or agar agar powder(is ok to use while it is hot) and lastly soy lecithin(available from pharmacy)? Thanks and cheers!

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Gelatin and agar agar form a network that enables significant air entrainment.  They also do a good job stabilizing the foam.


Lecithin is an emulsifier that collects at the air-water interface of the bubbles and stabilizes the foam somewhat.

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