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Chinese Lasagna

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Yesterday I got my new meat grinder that I had been waiting on to try to make steamed pot stickers.  I made up some pasta dough and left it to refrigerate overnight.  This morning I ground the contents for the pot stickers, and then started trying to roll out the wrappers with my Atlas.  My pasta recipe just didn't make thin enough dough to suit me for this, so instead I made lasagne noodles.  I spiced the filling to make up for having no dipping sauce.  The result might not be very attractive, but it tasted very good.  You would never guess that the filling was more than half broccoli.



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Sounds good. How do you think you could make it look good?

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I think it needs something to set the pasta apart from the filling.  Pot stickers are pale brown filling in pasta, dipped in brown sauce. The contrast in that combination is between the pasta and the sauce.  The filling isn't really visible most of the time.  The top layer of my pasta was colored by rubbing soy sauce over it.  Possibly I could do that for all of the pasta layers, but it might get too salty then.  Perhaps grated carrot in the filling would give it a more attractive color?  I am not sure what that would do to the taste, and it might just turn darker brown because of the broccoli.  The alternative would be to try to put a little carrot into the pasta.  That might do it, especially if the filling has an underlying green tinge from the broccolli (olive brown, in other words).  I've not yet tried coloring my pasta with vegetables.  I have food coloring available, but I feel that's cheating in this case.

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