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I must respond to your comments a few posts back about hysterical laughter that you are afraid won't stop. Approx 15 years ago, Easter Sunday+massive hangover-two cooks too drunk to come in. To this evil brew add one incredibly profane comment made to a waitor in a "Kermit the Frog" voice. This equals 1 half hour of hysterical laughter that brought the entire restaurant to a screeching halt. The owner was, needless to say, apoplectic with anger at us, but we COULD NOT STOP!!! **** I'm laughing right now. Thanks for the memory.
Incredibly, edibly, adequate!
Incredibly, edibly, adequate!
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This is an interesting post for me to peruse. I have been working here in Canada on a whole host of related ideas about the culinary world. My background is in anthropology and I fell into cooking after graduate work.

Most of what has been said doesn't need repeating by me but kudos for all the insights--the web has become an invaluable research tool since the usenet days.

I think that a key component, or rather a way of looking at this that has been mentioned , and it runs parallel to the reality of the kitchen ,is the dichotomy of art/desire versus consumptive practice/money. Your project well probably focus on this in itself. Will the script be developed for art's sake or money? Have fun with it and I hope to hear more in the future..freddychef

ps--if ya have any kitchen language I'd love to hear it...
One Lamb Down
One Lamb Down
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Movietone News

Hey, Calamariguy,
Check out "Bingo Long's Travelling All Stars" then write that movie from a kitchen point of view.
Guys in the trenches, working to get by every day,some talented, some leaders, one guy working angles to hit it big. Change the uniforms and dip 'em in grease and your movie is already to go.
Film it in Baltimore so I can get work as an extra. I look good in chef whites. Good luck! Gilbo
If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer!
If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer!
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My restaurant is literally 5 minutes from Hollywood. It actually in Burbank right across from the Warner Brother Studio. I see 50 foot billboards of crappy movies like " What a Girl Wants" and "Kangaroo Jack" I would love to see the movie billboard for this one. Anyways...
I have a movie pitch
" This young cook takes out a loan of 120K to go to the CIA and upon completion, he struggles to pay of his loans while working a minumum wage job at a local restaurant"
Protect the animals. Eat an activist
Protect the animals. Eat an activist
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feature film

Great Forum here, wondering if you envision
a storyline for the Chef yet. I'm not a
chef, but agree with the opinions that share
the common denominators of seeking balance
in this profession with personal life, the
concerns of acknowledgement/respect given
when one considers how hard the work is and to
boot, the challenges of pay in this industry

From a movie going perspective, I look forward
to seeing you efforts in depicting the realities
of a production kitchen. I was thinking today
about the many personalities that work in the
kitchen and the assorted idiosyncrasies one becomes blind to over time..To name a few. We
have this one line cook who expedites/runs the
food, Like clockwork, during lunch and dinner, he yells, "Everything Beautiful,Everything Wonderful"
consistantly. It was odd at first but it's grown
on me.
Have you every worked in a kitchen that has four radios playing at the same time, all different stations? The radio/music controlled
by the lead cook in that area?
I could walk through the kitchen and figure out
who was working by their music alone. It would
be a kick seeing a chef walk through the kitchen
with background music going from Led Zepplin to
Bread and the sports channel...ha.
The Baker, a dying breed, loner,sitting on a milk crate, never really takes breaks, just finds his time when he can. Uses parchment paper to
write reminder notes, keeps his working liquors
and knives in his locker. Always covered in
some reminents of early morning production, changes coats twice a day. All his recipes in his
head and his recipe book matches the color of
my parents scrapbook. Wonderful man, consider
myself fortunate to work with him and be on the
receiving end of his talents. It's stuff like
this that would be cool to see in the movie,
a reflection of people like that.

One funny story to end with. Waitressing
for Legal Seafoods some years ago, we carried
our own stations but ran food for the whole
restaurant as we pooled tips. This new guy
started,he's in front of me in the kitchen and
gets to the pickup, turns snow white and runs
out of the kitchen. I go forward and pick up the
plates, Shad roe, some other plates. We touch
base later on and I ask him what happened. He
says, "I was in a car accident last year, I saw
the Shad Roe and it brought back memories" I
didn't pursue details but never looked at
Shad Roe the same again.
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So far I have only had time to read the first page of this long thread. Should have been logging on this week more to keep up!
Anyway, I will try to describe what I would like to see as the Chef's challenge, and victory. Even as a bit of a sideline struggle not the main storyline.
Somehow to convince the audience that the chef is dedicated to his restaurant with the most incredible dedication. Then somehow the resaurant comes under some trouble, out of the chef's control. Audience thinks he will be devistated, but he moves on, and ends up in a better situation.
Written somehow to prove to the audience that the Chef all along was dedicated to being in the kitchen and going through the daily grind to kick a** during service make people happy and go home. Not caring too much about where he does it.
How come "dishwasher" is not listed as a choice for culinary experience?

"...the very genesis of our art."
- Escoffier on grilling
How come "dishwasher" is not listed as a choice for culinary experience?

"...the very genesis of our art."
- Escoffier on grilling
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