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First Homemade cake

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I wanted to make something special for my husband. He's use to his mom making cakes from scatch and all I ever make is cakes from the box since it requires less time. I decided to step outside of the "box" and try my hand at this recipe and boy was I thrilled with the results. It is delicious! Nice and moist and just wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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Which recipe did you try mangrum5?

oh, and aloha (welcome) I've learned so much on this site...

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I tried the perfect homemade yellow cake. Thank you for welcoming me and I plan to visit and replicate recipes frequently!

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Right?! Is that the most amazing? So simple & de-lish
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I have tried about 30 cake recipes and this same one I stumbled upon and it is the best recipe by far that I have made. I am sure your hubby thought you were amazing after making it for him. smile.gif

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