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Dining From Albuquerque to Colorado Springs, Need Advice

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We're getting ready to take a road trip and I can't wait, we're going into civilization!! 

We plan on going to some Whole FoodsMarkets to get some of our suppers from the Deli/Ready Made dishes and then look for nice/cheap and friendly places, even for lunches. 

We start out in Albuquerque, on to Santa Fe, next will be Denver/Lakewood, finally Colorado Springs and back around to Albuquerque. 

If anybody has any suggestion...

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You've stoked my curiosity about what's cooking in Santa Fe. Here's a link to a place called the Coyote Cafe:


There are many choices of Mexican fare to be had here and the prices are on the better side of reasonable. I don't live in the area so I can't say I've been, but it looks great to me and right up your alley. Additionally, here's a recent review from the New York Times:


Do tell where you end up going!

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As a point of curiosity.  How is it you live in the Tucson area, yet your trip starts in Albuquerque?

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Actually, we're visiting friends in Norhtern Arizona first and then going on from there to Albuquereque as our first destination

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Thanks GourmetM, I will give feedback...

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Gotcha!  Have a safe and enjoyable trip.  And please do let us know about some of the stops you make! drinkbeer.gif

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Looking forward to the feedback!

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Cool Guys!

I was thinking of doing like a report card of the places that we go

And did I say how excited I am?  This is going to be really FUN

I'm packed already!!

I YAHOO!'d Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and there's a place in Santa Fe that looks like it has some potential...

Any other suggestions?

Let's GO!!!

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 i got lots of places to recommend to you in santa fe...i LOVE santa fe....forget about coyote grill...its a tourist trap.... i tend to gravitate to local hang outs so...for great local food...The Shed( by the main plaza....El Farol on canyon road is i think the oldest restaurant in santa fe...funky funky but great...try their roasted garlic soup...orgasmic, for sure. mesa grill on cerrillos road, and the pink adobe house(historic)...will send some more along later...gotta go to abq, el pinta is a nice old place built in the 60's....big patio, laid back atmosphere....usually i try and just go through abq...crazy drivers! far as what to expect weather wise....denver tends to be hotter than us...they are at a lower altitude and are really on the range(flatlands).....layer, layer, layer is my best advice...its monsoonal here finally so afternoon/evening storms, some pretty intense are a daily event. best advice i can give you is to drink plenty of water.....the difference in altitude will take some adjusting......aspirin is good for the first few may find yourself feeling more tired....again, its the altitude, so rest and hydrate..and of course have fun!...later


food is like should be entered into with abandon or not at all        Harriet Van Horne


food is like should be entered into with abandon or not at all        Harriet Van Horne

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Many Mahalos my sista’ Joey… LIVE ALOHA!!

I wasn’t sure how to look at this trip

All of our past road trips have been after school starts back up (less crowds), so a bit cooler

like blue jeans type of weather for me anyway

I have all suggestions in my IPod

And folks, I’d love to get more!!

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Okay, we're back, it was a great road trip and we had a blast.  I invite you to view our photos of some of the dishes that we enjoyed along our journey, "It's A Road Trip!!".  You can find them in the galleries tab.  I also plan on posting a seperate thread, "It's A Road Trip!!" if you care to read a little about our adventure.  Half of the fun is getting there!  Where have you been today?

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