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The glories of a garden......

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Our garden has finally taken off and I have been harvesting like crazy these past few days.


Yesterday I picked zucchini blossoms, filled them with garlic and ricotta cheese, then dipped them in tempura batter, fried them and served with tomato basil.


The pea pods are getting fatter and I started to pick pea pods too.

The radishes are all gone for now but we will replant another batch later in the summer. (radishes don't like hot weather).

I have been pinching back the spinach to make the plants more full but they are determined to just grow up and go to flower.

Carrots, broccoli, chili peppers, cabbage, cauliflower all doing well.

I will be picking green beans starting this weekend.

The pole beans are a few weeks away yet.

It looks like a bumper crop of cucumbers this year and the squash plants are huge

Potatoes should be ready soon too. Tomato plants took a hit early in the season and some are just not filling out as well they should. We have 60 plants going with 25 of them stunted.....Who knows why................(sigh)

I planted 450 basil plants last week and have been carefully watering them. Pretty soon we will have a beautiful 2 foot wide and 30 foot long row of green basil. It looks so cool every year.


How does YOUR garden grow??????.

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Any pictures? I'd love to relish your productive garden.

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Here ya go:


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In a word: wow! I am green with envy.

Thank you for sharing these.

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Wow. You have a beautiful garden. We have a garden in our house in the province and I have fruit trees planted there instead of vegetables.

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Chefross, that is absolutely mouthwatering.  I so miss having a garden, even if mine back home was minuscule.  Where we live now, it's just not conducive, everything I plant just wilts.

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