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New member hoping to learn something new :)

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Hello! My name is Marie! bounce.gifI am from Los Angeles and I am a student at Le Cordon Bleu. I started cooking with my grandmother when I was young and now that she is cooking with the spirits, I am learning to cook more so I can be as great as she was. chef.gifI love Asian food and love to cook it as much as I like to eat it. I like learning about different cooking styles from different cultures, so if any of you have a good recipe passed in your family or just know any good foreign dish, please share! I am Mexican so I cook a lot of Mexican food for my family.  My best dishes are albondigas, caldo de pollo, calso de res and enchiladas. I also make pretty good pasta dishes and sauces. I hope to meat great chefs here that can broaden my culinary knowledge.  biggrin.gif

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Welcome to our community :)


I too love Asian food.  Knowledge of Asian cuisine compliments any style of cooking.

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!


I love Asian cuisine, have to confess that Mexican is not one of my favourite styles of cooking!  I was a LCB, Paris student many years ago. It was not a course for professionals, but for enthiastic amateurs (only a couple of months study) but it has held me in good stead for most of my adult life.


Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There is a specific forum for culinary students which you may find interesting.  The wikis, blogs, photographs and articles on here are well worth spending time to examine.


Hope to see you around the forums!

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Really? I love to mix styles but I don't think I have ever tried mixing Asian with anything. I should give it a try :)

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Lol. Mexican food has kind of lost it's touch with me after 18 years of eating it. (I'm 18) How was Paris? I would love to go to the LCB there just to look around and maybe step into a class, if not study there! :D What forum? I am really like talking to other students :) I find new ways of doing things that maybe another chef taught them. Even little things like garlic mincing :)

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Just scroll down the list of fora and you will find the culinary students' one!


I visit Paris quite regularly - it is just a short hop over the channel (or under it, if you go Eurostar from London!) - I love it.


Asian food covers such a wide variety of cuisines, I love Indian and Bangladeshi, also Vietnamese, Singaporean and Thai - and that's not to mention Malaysian or other cuisines, too!

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Asian cuisines, in general, have exotic flavors.  Same is often true of South American cuisine. While it's important not to be arrogant about it; combining some knowledge of such exotic flavorings with some of the more western old world techniques you'd learn at LCB will give you the chance to take proven classic favorites and make them new and exciting again.

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Here's a simple, easy, cheap and tasty Asian recipe for you. Simple veggie spring-rolls. 


left-over coleslaw, fennel bulb (chopped), sesame oil, hot sauce, sunflower seeds, a pear, rice papers

~ Bllitz the pear and fennel bulb in a food-pro, add everything else, blitz again gently, put in bowl. 

~ Soak rice papers gently in hot water +/- 5 seconds, lay out on wet tea towel (for rolling traction), add glob of mix, roll like small burritos. 


If you want sauce, that's easy too. 


1/2 cup garlic rice-wine vinegar (or apple-cider vinegar), honey, peanut butter, sesame oil, hot sauce, sunflower seeds

~ Mix everything up in pot over low heat until thick, well mixed and heated through.

* If you go w/ sauce, leave oil, hot sauce and s-seeds out of spring-roll mix. 



You can blitz any kinda left-over anything, and roll it in a rice paper. As long vas you don't say what's inside, you can tell people it's an Asian gourmet treat. It's simple, cheap, easy and tasty. 


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