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When it just goes wrong?

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I work in a small boutique fine dining establishment.  Most days are great, get in set up, do breakfast and lunch while doing prep for the nite during that time.  I get off for 3 hours, return and then do a dinner service with 2 seatings.   During dinner we do get two hits when we are rushing and I love the feeling when it goes right. 


Lately, it seems like I not finding my pace.  I pull the plates in order, but then I want to start the cod parm and go back to the plates so the cod cooks.  But then my chef steps in and ganies the plates.  The more I seem to try to find my pace, my chef steps in and get even worse.


We have had many a great nite, don't get me wrong.  Where in such a small space I know where he is, what he is doing and he for me.  It works so good most of the time, we get the thrill of the rush and it goes well.


But lately, I seem to just......


What can I do?  Does this happen to you?  Is it normal?

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Bring it up with him. I wouldn't go with "hey yer screwing up my flow?", more like "Seems like our timing's off, thoughts?"




Yup, especially when something changes. Even something small.

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I feel like it is me, I messed up the flow.  Is there such a thing?  I believe there is, when it all goes great and the dinners go out, the adrenaline of the rush and the smiles when it is all over.  There are just days that I can't seem to get into the zen state of cooking during the rush.

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There definitely is such a thing as being in the zone. Hard for me to get there, I'm too uptight.


Guess ya gotta figure out a new dance. I remember one time, we got a speedrack installed for the oil and wine bottles. Man that threw me off for weeks because the stuff moved. Or one time I subbed out for a guy who was a south paw. Everything was backwards on his station.



Man, split shifts? Ugh. That would throw me off.

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