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whats for family meal?

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pretty self explanitory, whatd you make for dinner tonight? whats the best/easiest/worst/etc family meal youve had or made? theres usually some kind of mole at least once a week around here, thankfully we keep a nice variety of dried chilis on hand so even if its not like your abuela made its at least close enough...anyhow i figured this would be a good discussion that could be practical and keep the trough full and the animals happy.

(i get this look at least once a week btw)

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I cooked dinner for 5 developmentally disabled adults yesterday. Although they are used to and love junk food, and macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, et cetera, they *loved* what I cooked for them, making me happy & proud: Tender pork chops, wokked spinach with eggs, brown rice with onion & garlic, sliced peaches for dessert. They all asked for seconds.

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There are so many issues that go along with DD such as sensory to textures.  Kudos to you for making something they would eat and getting them to want more.  I struggle daily with the demands of my DD son, today he got a picture of a steak and told me that is what he wants, juicy steaky for dinner.


His wish is my command.  Good going to you and I hope you get to cook for the group again.  They are usually the most loving and fun group of folks to hang around.

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