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coconut oil

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I am wondering what professional chefs, cooks and caterers think of this current trend of using coconut oil in cooking. I have quite a few hippie vegan type friends and they're all into using coconut oil for cooking. I think just because its so easily available as an "organic" product. Personally I think coconut oil is for your legs and your hair! I once had sweet potato and coconut soup made by a friend. She had also fried off the spice in coconut oil and the texture of the soup was overly thick and gammy, and I'm sure it was because of the coconut oil.

Would really appreciate some professional gourmet rather than nutritious opinion on the use of coconut oil in cooking. Thank you

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Just for starters, here is a link about coconut oil that might interest you (if you've not already seen it):




Did you know about the slow rancidity rate?

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