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Hey all


Im kieron and im 19 from Rotherham (UK) and im a head (exec) chef of a nursing home (young people 16 to 65).


so hey all.


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Hi Kieron,


I occasionally cook for developmentally disabled adults -- but it's just for 5 people at a time, usually. How many people are you cooking for?

I hope you'll like; there are lots of resources here, much to delve into.




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we have 60 clients. and we do breakfast dinner and tea. (so 180 plates of food plus staff meals) and their is one chef in at a time. (start abou 6am finish about 8pm

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Wow! Do you have many special requirement plates?

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yeah, liquid diets, gluten free, veggies, vegans, nut free halal, fork mashed, smooth diets, Increasing diets (extra protein and carbs) Decreasing diets, (no or little protein and carbs) No salt, no pepper, (killers for me hate not seasoning food) Some like traditional foods (meat and 2 veg) others like modern food, (chillies, currys, stuffed things and your modern cooking things. Must cook all meat to 75'C, eggs must be fully cooked (no runny yolks) .

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Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, so to speak!

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