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Wild Boar

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Hi my name is Rick and this is my first Threaded Post I think I am going to enjoy this web site a lot.

I have been invited to participate in the SOS (Share Our Strength) event here in Toledo Ohio. I have decided to do something wild and I hope it works.

Wild Boar with Porcini Ravioli served with a Roasted Pear and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

A Brief Description:
Pan Grilled Porcini Ravioli filled with mascarpone cheese, marinated figs and roasted garlic. This will be presented (topped) with a nice slice of Peppery Wild Boar, garnished with micro herbs and pea shoots then lightly moistened with the pear dressing. All of this will be served and prepared tableside and in a very small well presented portion.

My question is about the Wild Boar can this be served Rare? Or dose it have to be cooked through. If it cannot be served rare then I will select Elk or Moose.

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A lot will depend on what cut you are using. If you are using the more tender cuts, then it needs to be treated like other game and served rare to MR. Like other game meats, wild boar is much less fatty than domesticated meats, so overcooking will dry it out.
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