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Southern Gal

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Hello yall from the deep south, I have been cooking & loving it for over 40 years and would love to talk to anyone out there about any thing realated to cooking.

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Welcome! As you read through the forums, I'm sure you'll discover that there are many people like you who love to think and talk about cooking. There is so much to learn and there are so many to learn from! As you are from the Deep South, I'll bet you know some unique regional recipes. Would you care to share one?

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I would like to share my recipe for red beans and rice, I know, I know another one, but mine is different then any other I have ever seen. I kinda invented it myself over the years. I even gave it to my cousin who has lived in Ca. all her life and she loves it. This is the recipe: One pound of red beans washed and put in bowl with enough water to cover and soak overnight. Next day take one large onion chopped, one large bell pepper chopped, 3 TLBS. garlic, chopped. Put 3 TLBS. of bacon grease or olive oil in large pot and saute the vegetables 2-3 minutes on med. heat then add one can of stewed tomatoes and one can of rotell tomatoes and smash in pot and saute about 3-4 more minutes. Then pour water off of beans and put in pot, then add 6-7 cups of water or I use Swanson's vegetable broth it gives a better flavor. Bring to boil then turn down to simmer. After one hour put a ham bone leftover from a ham with some ham still on it. If do not have one use 2-3 ham hocks. If using ham hocks you will have to get a big slice of ham and cut up and put in pot. After another hour of simmering take ham bone, ham hocks out of beans and discard, you should have some ham from the bone left in pot. Simmer about one more hour until beans are very soft and broth is thickened. Now take 1-2 pounds of smoked sausage slice up and brown in pan then put in pot with beans. Serve over white rice,delicous!

From Southern Gal

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Sounds like it makes for a very filling meal!

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Sounds like a lot of food, too. How many servings does this yield?

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Hi southern gal,

Now that I think of it, you might want to re-post your hearty southern recipe for red beans and rice in the "Recipes" forum. I think more people will be able to find it that way! licklips.gif

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Hello.  Let me add my welcome to that extended by GourmetM!


This is only the welcome forum, so your recipe would get lost on here!  If you have any questions regarding how the site works, please contact me or another moderator and we'd be happy to help.


Hope to see you around the various topic boards.

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Hi Ishel moderator, I hope this gets to you. I have just recently started learning to use the computor and don't really have a great understanding of where to send things, if you get this please send me and e-mail letiing me know where to post my recipes. Also how do I get to my personalized home page? Thanks, Southern Gal

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Gosh, John DT I never really thought about how many servings this makes,but I will say when all my three childern were home I would make a big pot of beans and the five of us could eat two nights off of it. Hope this helps. Probably about 8-10 servings. From Southern Gal

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That sounds about right; it seemed like a lot of food!


Now I wonder, if it weren't for your kids and the two of you (five altogether) eating it up, how long do you think your dish would keep? In my experience, home-made bean dishes haven't kept much over two days in the fridge.


Have you ever had to deal with keeping it from spoiling?

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