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New position and need help

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I just took the position as Sous chef for a hotel (in Florida), I was previously working as a lead banquet cook at another hotel in Ohio.  when I go to the property I could not believe how run down, and dirty the kitchen was, or how the Exec, could have let it get that way.  I also soon discovered that about 95% of food being produced was frozen pre-cooked product, the hotel I came from was the exact opposite 95% from scratch.  to make matters worst the F&B director was the former chef and is the one who implemented the frozen pre-cooked philosophy.  I am the third Sous chef in four months time, the last two left when they realized how low the standards are here, I'm not a quitter and want to change this place around, what I need are some suggestions as to how I can do this in my position with out alienating the exec or the F&B director?  one thing that I think is in my favor is that there is also a new GM that started the same time as me.  thank you everyone for your advice. 


p.s. I have already gotten the kitchen cleaned up but the equipment is still in bad shape but I have to live with it.

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The plus side is that the GM, the ultimate boss also started at the same time as you.  It sounds like the property knows there are issues and trying hard to change things around.


Show the exec how cooking from scratch will save on the cost, the accounting dept will notice a savings and the GM will also know.  Then let the customers taste the difference and that it is better.  Your clientele will increase, revenue increase, again accounting will know and the GM.


As for the bad conditions, indicative of bad management.  There is no excuse to not keep things in good order.  We have a dish sterilizer that is over 35 years old.  Works great!  Why, because we take care of the equipment, maintain, repair and keep clean.  Once a week the kitchen gets cleaned top to bottom.  Every shelf, counter, walk in, reach in.  


I am concerned of the constant changes in staff, right there is red flag.  When I see that it says it is not the people who worked there but a deeper problem.


Good luck.

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