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Hi guys

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I'm Joost, 26 year old home cook from the Netherlands. 


I love cooking and was looking for some info on Japanese knives which I found on the forums. I've already been helped very kindly by Wagstaff and BDL. It seems like a really nice place with nice people and a lot of knowledge, i'll be sure to hang around some more!


I've been looking through the articles alone, and what a knowledge you guys created! Very cool :)




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Welcome to ChefTalk.


The Netherlands is one of my favourite places to visit, particularly Den Haag and Amsterdam.  I have enjoyed many rijstaafel (spelling may be a bit 'off') in both places with Dutch friends.


Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  The wikis, blogs, articles and photographs are all well worth spending time to view. Please note that the Professional fora are read-only for those of us (I'm also one of them!) who are not presently employed in a culinary trade/profession, but make interesting reading, nonetheless!


Hope to see you around the boards!

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I'm quite sure you will enjoy it here and good luck with your new knife (i'm a carbon fan as well)

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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Thanks for the welcome guys!! :)
Nice @ rijstaafel Ishbel! Sounds good :) 
You almost spelled it correctly as well, it's actually 'rijst tafel' (for the others, it's literally: 'rice table', basically a lot of different (foreign) dishes). 
I really like rijst tafels as well! My grandfather makes such delicious indonesian ones, yummy!
We don't have much traditional food, except for real farmers food called 'stamppot', it's basically just mashed potatoes with some kind of vegetables all mashed together with some meat on the side.
'Dishes' like 'boerenkool' (mashed potatoes with mashed kale, and smoked sausage), and 'hutspot' (mashed potatoes with mashed carrots, and a meatball on the side). But this food is mostly eaten in the winter, although I don't eat it very often personally.


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