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I am an owner and operator of multiple venues consisiting of bars, nightclubs and wine bars in Orlando Florida who has recently decided to venture into building a full service wine bar, within a complex of the above venues. I am looking for advice or direction on finding a partner chef. Trade publications, culinary schools or craigs list all seem valid avenues, but I want to work smart to find the right fit. I learned long ago to ask the right questions to the right people, so here I am. 


The set up is rather simple. There will be a kitchen provided as well as full support with all front of house and back of house. No investment is needed. Just a hard worker to come in and put together a program for the group and themselves. There will be a weekly draw for costs and a monthly distibution from the net, which will be split according to the partnership agreement.


Any sugguestions on how to locate a good parter?

Any suggestions on the above partnership structure (this is a 40k foot high synopsis)?

Any thoughts on hiring a recommended student from Orlando Le Cordon Blue school and how to find that student?

Any suggestion on the interviewing process?


I know that is alot of "suggestions," so if you have a moment just choose the most obvious =)