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MATC Fine Dinning Event!!!

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My school/work is hosting an Italian Fine dining on September 23, 2011. We have a dinner every few months to give the students experince. If any of you live close please come, it will be held at the MATC Thanksgiving Pointe Campus from 6:00-8:00pm. Tickets are only 25.00 and you recieve 5.00 of for making reservations. I have posted the menu below and am open to any and all opinions 


Italian Menu

Antipasto Platter

An introduction to Italy, rich meats, olives, vegetables, and cheese.

Salads (Your Choice)

Panzanella: A Rustic Tuscany salad with bread, fresh tomatoes, and basil. 

Capresse: A Campania regional salad with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes.

Soup(Your Choice)

Cream Pesto with Gnocchi: A heartwarming cream pesto soup with ricotta gnocchi.

Minestrone: A hearty vegetable soup seasoned to perfection, topped with parmesan.









Seafood Pasta Puttanesca: A divine combination of angel hair pasta, fresh herbs, and the finest the sea has to offer includes fresh baked Foccaccia

Chicken Marsala: An herbed chicken breast in a delectable mushroom marsala sauce, with a garlic mushroom risotto.

Osso Bucco : Braised beef short ribs served with a melody of vegetables, and a butternut squash Orzo Pilaf 

Fresh Sausage Tortellini with a mascarpone cream sauce and prosciutto wrapped asparagus accompanied with sundried tomato bread.



Pistachio Gelato with a Mascarpone Cannoli: A creamy pistachio gelato, along with  a crisp cannoli filled with a heavenly mascarpone cream dipped in chocolate.

 Sabayon: A  velvety Italian custard,

 Panna Cotta: A softly set creamy Italian pudding that slips off your spoon and melts in your mouth. 

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Sounds great! (Don't live in Utah, though.)

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Very nice menu. The only thing I see is the use of the name "Osso Bucco" which in Italian means...bone with a hole. It is usually veal so I am surprised that a culinary school would teach bastardizing a recipe like that.

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I've never eaten spaghetti alla putanesca with anything more than anchovies, capers, olives, flaked chili, tomato sauce (home made or a tin of plum tomatoes).  Traditionally, in a couple of Italian regions, it doesn't even contain anchovies.  The sauce is supposed to be a salty, quickly made one.  Legend has it that it was a dish invented by ladies of the night who didn't have much time to cook between customers!  And I'd think the punchy, earthy flavours would overpower angel hair pasta.


I'd love to come - but the airfare from the UK to Utah would make it one of the most expensive meals ever!

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Thank you for your comments, i am happy to say the osso bucco has been returned to veal. Also we are going to try spighitti pasta vs angel hair to see which one we like best! Thanks again for your comments i am looking forward to see how everything turns out :)

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