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Well, I know I'm wading in deep water here, but I need some expert opinion.  I like to cook, enjoying dining at new and interesting restaurants and enjoy trying new dishes wherever I travel.  However, in all my years, have never eaten fresh water crayfish until a couple days ago.  They were very small, fresh-water farmed and looked lovely on another diner's plate.  They were served boiled with both a tangy red salsa and clarified butter.  However, don't know if I ate them incorrectly or they weren't cooked/served correctly, but I went away feeling like I had eaten a plate of oversized spiders that tasted of nothing except salsa and clarified butter.  We were advised to pinch off the head and 'suck' out the rest or pop the whole thing in your mouth.  Neither method proved very rewarding.

Now, I know crayfish are loved in some parts of the country, and I happened to be eating at a restaurant in Hawaii and they told us that they were locally farmed, so perhaps it was in the preparation. 

I know there must be a whole bunch of you and more than one southerner who loves crawfish.  Can you tell me where I went wrong---or is this an acquired taste?  I suspect that half the fun of crawdad's is in the catching.

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Fust yo pinch da tails, den yo suck da heads.

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Oui, Je faisais, mais je commencais dans les tort la fin.

Les bon temps ne roulez pas!

I suspect they should have added something to the water when boiling????

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