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I'm trying to choose between a Wolf rangetop with 6 burners and a charbroiler and a Viking rangetop with 8 burners.


Does anyone have experience with the Wolf charbroiler?  Do you find yourself using it often?  Are there any non-obvious tradeoffs between extra burners and a charbroiler?


I'm moving from a 1000 ft^2 apartment in a city where I rarely grill due to lack of space/equipment to a house on the US East coast where weather may interfere with grilling outside for part of each year.


My wife is Hindu, so I hardly ever cook beef and I use a slow cooker for pork & lamb.  We do eat a lot of chicken though and I occasionally grill peppers for molé.  I slow reduce a lot of sauces so in my current small apartment the 4 burners are often a bottleneck.