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Perfect flan

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Can anyone help me make the perfect I kept trying to make a flan but it always comes out to eggy ( meaning taste and smells like eggs)

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Maybe we could use a little help with your question, me anyway. Flan is an egg custard. How exactly are you expecting it to taste? How "too eggy" does yours taste? Are you using a recipe, or going from what you just know or think? Making flan is not at all rocket surgery. I like flan. Here are some tried-and-true recipes: 







Vanilla / Orange Flan


Cheesecake Flan


Carrot Flan w/ Thyme Crumbs (more savory than sweet)


Lemon / Cinnamon Flan


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Hi Miccru. A search of  the ChefTalk repertory provides a number of posts on flan many of which include recipes. I hope this link will help you!

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