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Great organization., or spending awareness

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Our restaurant has a chef who is a great cook. The main problem is that he was hired to run the kitchen as well. Unfortunately it is not happening.  After many heart to hearts he decided to give his notice. Believe me we did everything to help him...  We have a great staff at our NJ restaurant....can someone give me advice on where/how to look for an experienced all around chef?   We pay well and feel that we are very fair in all areas. It is sad that things had to end this way. Please advise on what to look for. We have a fairly large place that seats 180. 




Appreciate any advice...age, number of years experiecded, school etc

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You say you are an owner operator. If this is true, then you missed somevery important things in business.

You always develope your business for acquisition. Your speaches to all should be to work themselves out

of a job. Meaning that all job descriptions should be geared to moving into the next position. This is the only way

to move forward.

  My Pastry Chef was a dishwasher for me in '81. He is now enjoying one of the higher salaries for chefs in the city

and his crew is moving right along. He also has a % of the business as do all employees.

Our newest hire is going on 9 yrs and is taking over production as we speak. It is so simple. Work is something we do during

the days so that we can enjoy our off time. Never be afraid of a Chef who works to live and doesn't live to work.


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Thank you for your very wise reply.   There would be nothing better than having a dishwasher or busperson advance to a position where they feel happy and fulfilled, and where it benefits the whole company's well being.  I like what you said about acquisitions and working themselves out of a job.  Are you saying in a way not to worry about hiring an executive chef...maybe hire a couple of sous chefs?..I would agree to that if it could work.  It would be wonderful to watch people grow and reach their potential.  Appreciate your wisdom very much.



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If you're going to split leadership, I think it would be better to get a kitchen manager to do the business/admin side, and a chef (call him a chef d cuisine or something) for production and creativity. It's easier to find people that are good at one of those skillsets, then good at both.

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I was thinking that also, it makes so much more sense, so the chef could concentrate on the food and menu.The key would be to stay within the budget.  The chef we hired insisted he wanted to do it all...we agreed, paid him a very good salary and it now it isn't working.  It is sad for all of us...we have a great thing going...the place is busy. We want it to work out but it is too late.   Thank you both for great input!

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