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Stianless Austrian Utensils

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Can you tell me what these stainless utensils are for?  They came in a box and a felt sectioned holder but no writing except for Austria and Stainless on the blades.   Thank you,     Roger Kulack.

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Are they sharp?  Could be a set of cheese knives.

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Yes they are sharp.  Cheese knives sounds as logical as anything. I just couldn't find pictures of anything similar on any cooking sites.  Thank you for your reply.                                             Roger

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Can't say as I know exactly what these are for, BUT I used to live in Austria and think you should seach Amboss flatware for an answer.  They are a known flatware maker from Austria and make very modernistic looking stainless flatware that looks similar to these photos.  They also make a wide variety of specialty knives and forks for just about every use imaginable.  You may get better luck searching German or Austrian versions of Google so you don't get bombarded with other unrelated stuff from e-bay etc.  Have fun and let us know what you find out.

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