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Goose Fat

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i am about to open a new place, with a goose theme... i would like to use goose fat in my fryers... any thoughts? will work? terrible idea?  ive never considered using it in bulk... any advice would be appreciated!

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Takes at least 35 pounds of fat to fill a the average size fryer. It gets pricey.


You could do what McDonalds did and lots of tempura shops do. Seed normal fry oil with some flavorful fat, goose in your case, to give some of the flavor you're looking for.

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that was my first concern... then i found rendered goose fat for $40/30lbs... which breaks down to only an extra 8 cents or so per pound... that being said... it still may make more sense to cut some other kind of oil with the goose... 

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I don't think most places that fry in duck or goose fat use 100% of it for that purpose. You are better off finding a ratio that give you the cost-cutting ideal with the taste of the fat. 


I'm also not sure how quickly pure goose and duck fat break down. You might find that, while the price is comparable, you may have to change the oil much, much more frequently which will add labor cost and of course more money for more fat. 


What kind of goose fat is only forty bucks for 30 pounds? Have you evaluated quality? Maybe it's should check first. I've never seen goose or duck fat for that low, even wholesale. Are you sure it wasn't 40 ounces? I have to ask :)





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