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Salsa, Fresh From The Garden

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It's that time of the year when we all have so many Tomatoes, we are looking for some way to use them. I do a "Tomato Concasse" then remove the seeds so I can freeze the tomato pulp. There are so many uses for tomatoes during the winter months when fresh tomatoes are awful.  My wife and I both love fresh from the garden salsa, we grow a lot of tomatoes for our Cafe, we also use a lot for home use. My Son grows a few different verities of Hot Peppers, so making a salsa is easy during the summer months. This is my idea of Salsa, my family likes it so it's a go. I want to have a salsa with flavor, not all heat from the peppers, the proper balance is important  for good quality, full flavored fresh from the garden salsa............
Tomato Pulp, seeds removed looks better in person
they call this onion "CANDY ONIONS", don't no way, I still cried peeling them, must have been candy tears
I pulsed the tomato pulp in the processer just to the point of a small chopped look
This is how it looks after all the chopping and blending
Testing bowl so I can see if the taste is right on, I chill the salsa over night so I can blend the spices, then alter if necessary.
had a taste
had to have a bowl
The only spices I use are Granulated garlic if I didn't add enough of the fresh garlic, Salt and pepper to taste, most salsas take a lot of salt to bring out the flavor. I plan on freezing this batch in freezer bags so we can enjoy our garden Salsa on a snowy winter day in front of the fire........................Enjoy..........pnwc





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Wow, I'll be right over!  Looks great and thanks for the photos.

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Nicely done Bossman

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Sounds great, and beautiful pictures! Looks like you have a nice camera!

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I put two cups of Salsa in 1qt freezer bags. I freeze tomatoes for sauce, stews, and soups, but have never bagged fresh salsa for the freezer. I got 8 bags of Salsa from the batch shown above. I made the Salsa a few days ago, I wanted to let the salsa sit to blend all the flavor's together before freezing. The freezer bag shows it was bagged on 9/14/11, I will wait for two months " When the tomatoes don't have any flavor" to thaw the salsa, and see if this is a good way of keeping the memory of the garden alive during the winter months...........Stay tuned for the Salsa review on 11/11/11...............ChefBillyB


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