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Hi all,

My name is Patrick and I live in Augusta, Ga. I got into the food business right out of high school back in 1985 and am still passionate about it today. Over the years I have done everything except own my own food service business, I would eventually like to own my own restaurant. I have also done some things on the side for example, I worked in Alaska for about a year on a commercial fishing boat. I have sold real estate part time and on 9/11 I was the gm of a successful steak chain but was compelled to join the fire department and did that for seven years and just resigned on 7/1/11.


While working for the fire department, on my off days I worked in some restaurants around town. If any of you know any firefighters they love to cook and eat and after the word got around about my experience in the food business, I got volunteered to do most of the cooking! These guys and gals love to eat and they can be quite picky sometimes and don't mind being critical of a bad meal!


Two years ago one of my officer's daughter got married and I was asked to do the catering for the wedding. It was a simple menu within their budget and went off without a hitch. Since then I have been thinking about trying it full time. Between my 20 + years in food service and and every third day having to come up with new menu ideas and work within our budget, our work schedule was 24 hours on duty and 48 off and each person put in $10 dollars. In a lot of ways I have been a practicing caterer for the past seven years!


With all of this being said I would like to get some feedback for my business. I just about finished my biz plan and am about to put together a website. The name I have chosen is "4 Alarm Catering." I like the name and the logo will be something like a fire/food truck and the firefighter is wearing a chef hat instead of a helmet. The problem I am having right now is trying to come up with a slogan without sounding too "cheesy." "Your Party or Event In Trouble Call for an Alarm!" That to me is pretty "cheesy" but what I would like to get across is that I can provide great food and event planning with the urgency and caring of a public servant...something like that. 


I am very excited about this business and have two events booked for this month and two corporate Thanksgiving parties. I am hoping that these go well and I will get asked to handle their Christmas parties too.


Thanks in advance for any feedback or critiques.


Looking forward to interacting and learning everyone here!





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Welcome Patrick, 

I'll put some thought into your slogan......

cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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