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Cleaning quality cookware

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Hey guys , any advice on if theres any special things/ways to clean my cookwear. I have 2 Raymond Blanc Anolon skilets and plan to get more quality cookware. Any recommendations for specialised cleaning products/tools.

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I've always used kosher salt and lemon juice. I know it's "old school" but that's how I like to do things. Try it see if it works!

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Raymond Blanc Anolon cookware is actually dishwasher safe, so you can run it through a machine if needed in a pinch.


However, handwashing is recommended for all quality cookware. After the pan has cooled from cooking, wipe it out with a clean dish cloth to remove any grease or bits of food. Then handwash with a mild dish soap (make sure the soap is marked as "safe to clean non-stick surfaces.) Do not use harsh scrubby pads (steel wool) or scrubbing powders. Dry the pan well after washing, then spread a little cooking oil evenly over the pans surface.


Be sure to wash the outside of the pan with cloth and hot soapy water as well.


*If you ever have to put the pan in the dishwasher, wipe out the pan with a sponge that has been dipped in vinegar or lemon oil. This will remove any white film that has settled on the pan. And don't worry, the white film is just an ugly appearance thing and will not affect the quality of the non-stick surface.


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