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My Mac Here! Crap

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Cut one carrot with it, then i saw the big crack in the handle.  Damn!  back in the box, hope next is ok

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Super disappointing in the moment -- but it's particularly good that it's a Mac.  Customer service and warranty and all.  That's who you most want to be behind the product.

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New one is here, flawless!  But so was the first one, I checked it over when it showed up and nothing.  The next night there was a crack in the handle, no I did not drop it or anything rough.  Only thought it came from high humidity back east to almost none here in western Co.  Maybe it brought out a weak spot?  3 days later, new one is still great.  Customer service at Cutlery and more was great!  I will use them again.  What an amazing tool this mac is!

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Congratulations on the new knife!

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