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How to make use of backyard plums

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I have a tree full of plums, and I would like to make something that I can freeze.


I am not a gourmet, but I do have a Champion Juicer.


I searched the web for simple recipes for freezing, but did not find anything that seemed right.


Can anyone recommend a simple recipte for making plum butter or jam for freezing?


If it does not involve cooking, so much the better.




Single Dad with young (picky eater) son

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I make a lot of jam, and I have made jam from blue plums and mirabelles. Basically you need the whole plums, I mean not just the juice. Cut them in halves and remove the stones. They are now ready to make jam. Leave the skins on!


If I were you, I would also cut them in halves, remove stone, put them in a large cooking pot, add a small cup of water to get the cooking going, add the juice of a whole lemon and the zeste of 1/2 a lemon and cook until soft (keep stirring!). Then mix with a handmixer. You could let it simmer somewhat longer, just to reduce a little, so it doesn't take all that space in your freezer. Leave to cool. This basic result will be very sour but the lemonjuice will create a very deep taste when used (see following paragraph).  

Use small plactic bags and fill with what you estimate as a portion. Close and freeze.


After defrosting you can add sugar (no sugar added saves freezer space too). You can use the defrosted basic result in hundreds of preparations (after adding the appropriate amount of sugar); make jam after adding equal amount of sugar, as a warm compote in savory dishes, as a cold coulis over yoghurt (sugar to taste), icecream, rice pudding, cottage cheese. On tartelettes; reduce the basic result with equal amount of sugar until sticky jam, put thin layer on puff pastry rounds and bake 15 minutes at 210°Celsius.


Also, now may be the time of the year to try to make a "clafoutis with plums", using fresh halved plums. Very easy and delicious!

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Thanks very much.

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