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Do You Cook For Your Best Friend?

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Since I am discovering that so many of us here at Chef Talk are animal lovers/owners, I started to think about what, if any, each of us does cuisine wise for our pets.  Not just the dog or cat, but all of our "other" family members too, birds, fish, horses.  In the thread titled, Dear God, It's Me The Dog, I shared that we fostered a Treeing Walker Coonhound and placed him in a loving home, but in the mean time he had to eat.  Our boy Vito was a special needs doggie, therefore I had to cook for him and two of the dishes that he literally drooled for as I cooked it was polenta and oats, both laced with cooked veggies and fresh fruits.  So that's what I made for this Mr. Dawg and he loved it from the first bite.  The second feeding he was hopping all over with anticipation, he knew what was coming his way all right.  Along this same line of thinking, I did a search in Chef Talk and found an article by Pamela Grant, Cooking For Your Best Friend.  I never thought of making Kitty Treats, fantastic! 


So, I would love to hear about the different things that you have made for your best friends, and some pix too!!


                                       Vito Our Boy!!

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Unfortunately, my dog's stomach can't handle much in the way of treats.

He gets a high end dry food and that keeps us all happy.


When he does get a treat, I pay for it!  surprised.gif

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My macaw loves curry.  Any Indian curry is a winner, but don't give em the sauce.  Too rich. 

Thai curry is a definite hit as well as Pad Thai.  The eyes flash, she says "Do you like that" and will eat a whole plate full if you let her.  The peanut sauce combined with noodles, pure macaw heaven!  Plus, add that chili sauce, the eyes don't even water and not a single sniffle.

Potatoes--mashed preferred with some garlic and a little butter, not much please.

Grilled chicken is good, but just reminds her of eating some poor helpless lizard.  Naw, sauteed with a nice fruit sauce, say a little peach, date, apple and pear, now you're talkin'.

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Wow, I didn't know that Macaws are also omnivores.  That's got to be a sight watching a big bird eat pasta,

just the thought of that is making me giggle! 

You rock on MartyFC!!

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i posted my reply in the dear god sorry...


food is like should be entered into with abandon or not at all        Harriet Van Horne


food is like should be entered into with abandon or not at all        Harriet Van Horne

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cowgirl, you crack me up

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Uh, speaking of macaws.  I forgot.  Don't let her see you take the cheese container out of the fridge!  She has a loud voice and lets it be known if she doesn't get at least one little bite!

It's always fun to take her for outings, get a little 'take-out' and sit at an outdoor table.  Four chairs a must.  One for each of us, one for the macaw, and one for the stranger who will end up joining us to watch the fun.  Put a small plate of noodles in front of her and she will pick up one noodle at a time, then work her way through it, first licking off the sauce, then eating the noodle.  Have had her for many years and never tire of watching the show!

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Oh man, that so makes me think of our German Shepherd.  If he saw you take out or heard the pop of the top of the cream puffs from Costco that came out of the freezer, oh my gosh!  He would run for the bed, throw himself down, drooling, waiting for you.  One for me, one for him, one for husband, one for him...

How is it that our pets become us?  SOO comical...

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