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Hello From Eastern North Carolina

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My name is Heidi! And honestly I love to cook! ALL the time!!!! smile.gif I live with my dad and 7 year old daughter (Who is in love with the cooking channel and Rachel Ray) ! Who both love to eat like myself! I was raised in NC on the coast, so its always been a mix of southern food and seafood around here, which i learned from my dad and from my mother also! I've been cooking since i was little and I'm going on 26 this year! I'm always up to learning new things and new techniques on how to cook different foods! I'm here to learn and get new ideas and just talk with other cooks and hopefully gain some experience! I'm hoping one day to open my own restaurant after I get more years in culinary! But gotta start somewhere!!!

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Welcome to Cheftalk.


Our membership is wide - from around the globe AND all levels of culinary expertise, from those just starting out to masterchefs - and all stages in between (I'm an enthusiastic amateur!) 


Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or post your own in the relevant forum.  The Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not currently employed in a culinary trade, but make interesting reading.  The wikis, blogs, reviews, articles and photographs are all well worth spending time to view and a source of much inspiration to many of our members.


Rachel Ray?  I've never seen her (I'm from the UK) - but there have been many (mixed) comments about her and her abilities on the site!


Hope to see you around the boards.

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Hello, Heidi.


You mentionin your post title that you are from eastern North Carolina.  Can I ask which part of eastern NC you are in?  I am in Elizabeth City, which is in the northeastern corner.  It would be neat to have someone who lives close to me on here.



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