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Greetings from California!

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Hello all! I'm new to this forum and am excited to learn new things. I am a mom of three and currently do home based learning through a charter school for my kids. Because of this, I am continuously fundraising for the athletic program for the school and usually our fundraising efforts are fueled by selling some kind of meal. So, here I am to learn some new things to use to save our athletic program. smile.gif

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Good on you girl, rhitai! 

You've got your hands full and I totally respect your challenge. 

I think that you will find that the members here at ChefTalk are so diverse, that one of us will give you ideas and support that will make you shine. 

I want to be the first to say, Aloha, welcome! 

Feel free to peruse, post photos for your latest triumph, read reviews of products, the only thing, as home cooks, Professional forums are read only, albeit a very interesting read. 

Gave a great time!  

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Thanks to both of you! And Aloha as well, Hawaii is my home state and I do miss the local food so much.

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Aloha Sista', would love to hear more, like a short bio?  As you can see mine, pretty obvious, not to mention my profile.  Have been here for just about four years now, and I surely miss the food in Hawaii as well, that's one of the reasons that I'm come to this website.

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I am originally from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. I lived there until I was 7 and have made it over there for a few visits to see family. I still miss the home land grub because I can't find any of it over where I live in CA.

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