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Sukothay is a popular Madrid, Spain based Thai and Japanese restaurant located across the street from football stadium Santiago Bernabeu.


Ingredients for 2:


6 shelled King Prawns

4 thin strips of fresh ripe Mango

1 oz garlic

1/2 pound onion

2/4 oz grated fresh ginger root

1/4 oz dry red chili

1/4 oz tumeric

1/3 oz fresh chopped coriander

a pinch of Cardamom seeds

a pinch of Mustard seeds

1/2 pound of fresh chopped peeled tomatoes

juice of a lemon or a lime

salt to taste


1) heat olive oil ( extra virgin - Borges Brand ) in a fry pan and sauté onion and garlic

2) grind cardamom and mustard sees with a pestle and add them to the fry pan

3) add the ginger, tumeric, coriander, tomatoes and dry chilies

4) Cook over medium heat 1 hour

5) put prawns on very hot grill and drizzle lime or lemon juice




A) Line a metal mold 2" in diameter with fresh ripe mango strips

B) fill mold with curry turnout

C) arrange King Prawns in fan shape

D) one can put a scoop of Greek Yogurt for those who enjoy semi piquant or piquant with a palate softener 

E) Serve with a Sauvgnion Blanc ( Marqués de Riscal or Burton Lurton - both from Designation Rueda, Valladolid, Spain ) and / or a Extra Brut Cava of choice, from appellation San Sadurni D¨Anoia.