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Newbie hello from Queensland Australia

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Great to find this Forum - by accident! Saw it mentioned in Aussie BBQ Forum.

Retired Boarding School/Army Base Chef - bulk cooking with Combi ovens.

Now have fun with the challenges of Camp Oven cooking and BBQ cooking - cooking with live fire.

Have a collection of US Lodge Camp Dutch Ovens, South African Potjie Pots and Australian camp ovens.

Also have a collection of Barbeques - a Big Steel Keg Kamado BBQ, Weber Performer Kettle BBQ and Weber Q 300 Family Size gas BBQ. 



Toowoomba Queensland

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G'day David and welcome to Cheftalk!


Our membership is drawn from around the world (I'm Scots, for instance!) - and we have a number of Aussie and Kiwi members.  The culinary talent is broad, too, from those who can't yet boil water to masterchefs - and all stages in between!


The wikis, blogs, reviews, articles and photography on the site is all well worth spending some time to view.  There are 3 professionals-only fora, feel free to join in with other profs on those boards - but hope to see you around the non-prof boards, too.


I have lots of family in Australia and visit fairly regularly - was there about 18 months ago and going back at the beginning of 2013.  I visit NSW, ACT and South Australia - and next time hope to get to WA and NT, too.



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Thanks for the welcome.

Pity you are not here in October 2012 for the Australian Camp Oven Festival in Qld:



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I wouldn't say 'strong', but we have a few enthusiastic Aussie/Kiwi members!


Welcome to cheftalk.  Are you from Sydney or is that your name?!!


I enjoy my trips to Sydney - last trip we ate at a few great places.  And I love to eat in Melbourne, too.

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Hi David...I'm Raqual from Roma,Australia :) Just joined about 5 minutes ago bounce.gif

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