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Quails with Grapes and Alsace Reisling ... For 4 ...


4 plump quails * freshly hunted

100 grams Canadian Bacon cut into lardons

2 shallots peeled and minced

1 ladle of cognac

200ml Alsace Reisling semi fruity white wine

100 ml mineral water

freshly ground blk pepper

salt to taste ... cautions with bacon ...

100 g Green Grapes

30 g unsalted butter

4 slices French Baguette


1.  Melt butter with shallots and bacon in heavy casserole into which the birds will just fit.

2. Cook over gentle low heat 10 mins. Stir occasionally.

3. Turn up heat to medium and add the quails to brown on both sides.

4. Meanwhile, gently heart the cognac in its ladle and when birds have browned, set a cigarette lighter to the cognac and pour into the pan, standing back.

5. As soon as the flames die down, shake the pan and add the white wine.

6. Allow to bubble and then add the water and a few good grinds of fresh blk pepper

7. Check salting as bacon is salty

8. Bring to a gentle simmer and cover, cook and in a half hour check, turning the quails twice.

9. when quails are cooked, poke fork between the leg and breast and the juices should run clear.

10. bring the sauce to an active bubble and add the grapes

11. cook 5 minutes

12. toast the baguette in oven

13. Serve as follows ... Put a slice of  baguette in each soup bowl

14. set one quail on top of each toast and spoon the sauce and grapes over ...

15. Serve with a NAVARRAN ROSE and or a WHITE BURGUNDY FROM THE RHONE or a WHITE REISLING ... Lambrusco rose can work too ...