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A little help, please

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Hello people,


I came here to explain my situation and try to get helped.


I live in Dublin and I'm 26 years old, I have a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, although I'm planning to change my career. I want to start studying gastronomy in order to some day become a chef.


But I have a lot of doubts and uncertainties about it, inasmuch as changing profession is a tough decision. Questions like, Which school should I go? Which sort of program should I start? Should I pick a short or a long program? Etc.


I am worried about my age, I know that is not too late, but I think I cant waste time at all.


Unfortunately I cant afford Le Cordon Bleu and this kind of school, for the time being. I was thinking in Gregoire Ferrandi, but it's still too much, because of the expensive cost of life in Paris.

I've seen on program of Gastronomicom, at first it seems pretty good to me, because they have 6 month of cooking classes and also 6 month of internship. But when T read some comments and reviews about, I became a little bit disapointed.


But also can be a school in another country, like Spain, Italy, Canada, or another place with a good background in gastronomy. I am neither european citzien nor American. So I also have to deal with some student visa. 


I would like to have some advices from you guys, it would really help me a lot.


Thank you all!







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Hi Minero,


I am curious to know what kind of information did you find out about the school Gastronomicom. I am also considering a career change and I was looking at the full program at Gastronomicon; however, I can't find any reviews about this school. My background is in business administration so I wanted to find a school that can prepare me to handle the demands of a busy restaurant kitchen. It's important for me that the school will teach theories, cooking foundations, and techniques in addition to a lot of hands-on training. I would greatly appreciate any information you can share about Gastronomicom.


Thanks !


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