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By:  Margcata


*** Barcelona, Catalonia


Serves 4 to 6 ...


5 cups fish stock

2 Ñora chili peppers ( dried )

1 small dried cayenne red pepper ( guindilla )

1/4 cup olive oil

2 large day old slices of Baguette

2 garlic cloves minced

2 tablespoons lemon juice

8 tblsps minced fresh parsely

1 / 2 cup husked toasted Hazelnuts

2 pounds peeled, seeded, chopped tomatoes

2 pounds sea bass cut into 2 inch chunks

all purpose flour

18 scrubbed fresh clams

1 pound of peeled large prawns, deveined

4 small squids cleaned ( calamar )


1) Bring 1 1/2 cup stock to simmer in saucepan.

2) add all the chili peppers, cover and remove from flame and let stand 1/2 hour

3) heat 1/4 cup olive oil in a heavy saucepan

4) add bread cubes and garlic and saute until goldern, about 5 mins.

5) add chili mixture, lemon juice and 2 tblsps of parsley chopped

6) Mix in hazelnuts and 1/2 the tomatoes, and heat.

7) puree above mixture in food processor

8) dredge the sea bass chunks in flour. Heat 2 tblsps of olive oil in heavy Dutch Oven over high heat.

9) Brown on all sides about 4 mins. Add puree, 3 1/2 cups stock, Catalan appellation white wine and bring to a simmer. ( Miguel Torres is a good standard guaranteed for cooking and drinking via the glass, available in the USA and worldwide ).

10)  Add clams and cover ... cook until shells open, about 8 mins.

11) discard the unopened and add the prawns, squid, fish and remaining tomatoes.

12) simmer 5 to 7 mins. and season with salt and blk pepper.

13) sprinkle with 6 tblsps of fresh chopped parsley and serve with a warm Baguette and Cava Juve y Camps Extra Brut ...


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How long does this take all together? I just want a relative time estimate.

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I would state about an hour + 20 minutes and then, add the prepping time and washing up ... It is a bit laborious however, worth the time and leftovers could be heated up and served with an oven hot baguette the next day ... This is a lovely dish on a chilly evening too ... or a summer open air terrace ... JUST REALLY NICE ... and something different ...

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1 hour to 1 hr and 12 - 20 mins. --- depending on you plus the prepping & cleanup

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What part of Virginia are u located in ?


Have old friends, we met in Lisbon who are from Fredericksburg and a friend of mine has a daughter in Old Town Alexandria. I like Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the Blue Ridge villages too ... Been several times ... always an old stop over driving down on Interstate 95 from NYC to Florida back in the early 1990s ... I live abroad since 1996 --- Margcata  

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